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Monsoleil was established in 2021 at Istanbul with the focus on the design of meaningful yet playful pieces. We have desire to propose a new vision of furniture and object design associated with art. Our products combine creativity with local craftsmanship in order to form unique pieces with purpose.

Why are we mostly using glass material?


No matter the size, a glass table will trick the eye into seeing an open space, and its light-catching surface will further brighten up the room because some materials can create visual clutter, making a space feel more smaller and crowded. Glass also provides a striking contrast to heavier materials, creating what seems like weightless optical illusions. Their clean and transparent aesthetic can create bright and airy atmosphere.

Our Story

After graduating from the Department of Architecture in 2020 from Ozyegin University, I turned my direction to interior architecture and product design. I worked in the interior design firm for a short time and then I found the courage to establish this brand. Because design is a never-ending journey and my passion for learning continues, I attended furniture design course in Florence in 2023. Monsoleil has been my dream for a long time; I love expressing myself through my designs. I usually create a contrast by using vivid colors together with minimal forms. I use glass as a material because it can give surprising results in different lights, and it does not create a crowd in the place thanks to its transparency.

Founder & Designer 
Sevval Kalaycıklı

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